Free Online Workshop: 

Performing Investment Due Diligence on Alternative Risk Premia Managers

In this workshop, industry practitioners discuss key aspects of performing investment due diligence on multi alternative risk premia managers. We address considerations specific to risk premia, ways to compare managers, questions to ask, and techniques that can be used to assist in the selection of risk premia managers.



  • Dave Regan, Director, Alternative Investment Consulting, Société Générale & IMDDA Advisory Board Member


  • Mark Doherty, Director of Research, PivotalPath
  • Wassim Sakka, Head of CTA & Global Macro Strategies, Lyxor Asset Management
  • Andrew Weisman, Co-CIO Risk Premia Investing, Windham Capital Management

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what differentiates one risk premia manager from another

  • What are key parts of a manager’s investment process to focus on during due diligence

  • Which pitfalls should be avoided when analyzing risk premia programs

  • What tools and techniques are available to assist in the diligence process

Join us online on Wednesday December 12, 2018 at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST.

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