Due Diligence Report


What are the key responsibilities performed by successful due diligence analysts?

IMDDA's Due Diligence Practice Analysis Survey Report provides the answers.


This practice analysis was undertaken to assess the proposed content outline for the Chartered Due Diligence Analyst certification exam offered by IMDDA. The practice analysis sought to ensure that the certification examination adequately reflects the knowledge, skills and responsibilities of proficient due diligence analysts.

The survey gathered feedback under four proposed domains. Within each domain, due diligence analysts were asked to indicate the importance of each knowledge area, skill or responsibility to performance as a due diligence analyst. In the case of responsibilities, they were also asked to identify how often they perform the responsibility.

The domains are:

  • General knowledge (investment structures)
  • General skills
  • Investment due diligence (initial and ongoing)
  • Operational due diligence (initial and ongoing)

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