The red flags of financial fraud

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Investors are constantly on the look-out for the next best investment: the unicorns, the disruptors, the sure bets. But too often, months after making large influxes of cash into start-ups or can’t-miss companies, institutional investors find themselves holding the bag for someone else’s fraud. All it takes is one missed mark or one headline to damage the portfolio-or reputation-of any major investor group. However, there are clues that any investor can learn to look for that may indicate that the story they are told might not be as good as it seems.


The red flags of financial fraud can be seen either quantitatively in historical performance documents or pro forma forecasts, or qualitatively in the manner and presentation a company provides to institutional investors. By paying close attention to what’s on the page-and what’s not-investors can learn to be more cautious to avoid the next big fraud-and focus on maintaining an appropriate return for their investment.

Learning Objectives:
  • What is investor fraud, and what theories underpin its occurrence?
  • What are some types & categories of investor fraud schemes?
  • Background on recent financial fraud cases, including:
    • Wirecard
    • Luckin Coffee
    • Hin Leong Trading
  • What are the “red flags” to look for in making investment decisions?

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