Finding the Maseratis: The Critical Importance of Intelligence Techniques in Investment Due Diligence and Risk Mitigation

Join us September 22 at 12:00pm EST

Dee Smith, who founded and for the last 25 years has headed the Texas-based private intelligence firm Strategic Insight Group (SIG), will give an insider's perspective on intelligence methodologies and specifically how they apply to the investment arena, and how this is changing in the era of COVID-19. This will include topics such as:


  • What is transactional intelligence?
  • How is it different from other kinds of due diligence and research in terms of risk mitigation?
  • What role should intelligence play in the pre-transactional/due diligence and post-investment processes?
  • How does investment intelligence apply to:
    • institutional investors/asset owners and allocators
    • asset managers: hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital
    • distressed opportunity, activist, and special situation investors
    • private investors and family offices
He will include examples of actual cases that he has led (no names, of course!) where intelligence findings have specifically benefited investors, such as a case that hinged on finding 3 unexpected Maseratis.

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Dee - head shot - SharpenedGordon Dee Smith is a CEO, producer, writer, and specialist in intelligence, foreign policy, and global change. He is founder, principal, and CEO of the private intelligence firm Strategic Insight Group (SIG), where he manages its global intelligence services for a client base of investors, law firms, and industrial concerns. He has worked in over 100 countries and served as an advisor for more than US $120 billion in investment transactions. He is creator, executive producer, and host of the Real Vision television documentary series on global risk, “A World On the Brink with Dee Smith,” which has been broadcast on the Public Broadcast System (PBS) in over 40 media markets around the U.S., and he has spoken at conferences and universities in cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, and San Francisco.