Operational Due Diligence - PE, VC, Private Debt & Credit, Real Assets & Infrastructure Funds

September 23 & 24

This workshop-style class focuses on mastering the skills and knowledge the institutional investor, fund managers, and service providers need to effectively conduct comprehensive due diligence on the non-investment risks associated with private funds.

CE_ODD Agenda Cover

This interactive,  class will provide you opportunities to engage in exercises and case study scenarios to help you master these tasks. The class is highly interactive and consists of instruction, group discussions, presentations from practitioners, case studies and exercises.

Expected outcomes:

  • Identify relevant materials needed to prepare for Operational Due Diligence.
  • Review and prepare materials for Operational Due Diligence.
  • Synthesize obtained materials and create an agenda for Due Diligence Review.
  • Identify exceptions or areas to review to be included for review.
  • Evaluate key operational processes of the fund.
  • Evaluate key components of the investment management firm.
  • Evaluate the human capital of the fund.
  • Evaluate third-party service providers of the fund.
  • Evaluate counterparties affiliated with the fund.
  • Evaluate the compliance program and the regulatory environment.
  • Evaluate the vehicle structure and terms.
  • Evaluate technology and infrastructure.
  • Synthesize findings and make operational recommendations.
  • Identify deficiencies and develop mitigation plan.
  • Develop a monitoring plan including scope, frequency, and technique.


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