Doing investment due diligence on an opportunity in the cannabis industry is a big challenge for even the most seasoned due diligence professional. Up until relatively recently the market was a wild west, prone to crazy bubbles fuelled by unrealistic expectations. Read More

Investments in cannabis companies and cannabis funds are growing in popularity with US investors and this has in turn led to an increased demand for due diligence in the space. IMDDA recently spoke to Alan Brochstein, CFA and owner of 420 Investors, an expert with 5 years due diligence experience on cannabis funds and a further 30 years of investment management experience, much of that for institutional investors.

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Have you heard people talking about investing in cannabis or cannabis funds? Perhaps they’ve started to come up on your colleagues’ investment radars or you’ve seen stocks soar and crash in various bubbles over the last few years. Whatever the reason for your interest, they’re something that due diligence professionals can no longer afford to ignore.

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