Investment Management Due Diligence Association Extends Period For First CDDA Global Designation Exam.

Posted by Sonal Patel on Jan 22, 2019 12:22:53 PM


Faced with high demand, the Investment Management Due Diligence Association (IMDDA), an exclusive investor-based organization dedicated to the professionals who investigate facts concerning investment programs, today announced that it has extended the global testing period for its first Chartered Due Diligence Analyst(CDDA) test to March 31, 2019.  

The IMDDA also announced the opening of registration for the preparatory course for those planning to pursue the new CDDA exam.

Announced in November 2018, the CDDA is an internationally recognized designation developed to ISO 17024 and ANSI accreditation standards that rigorously tests for aptitude and expertise in due diligence. Each person who passes the exam becomes a Chartered Due Diligence Analyst® (CDDA).

Registration for the first class of CDDA candidates extends through March 15, 2019.   Applications for the exam are being accepted through the IMDDA web site (  Qualified applicants will sit for the 3-hour 45-minute, multiple choice CDDA test at locations around the globe beginning December 17 and now extended through March 31, 2019.  Previously, the time period to take this first CDDA exam ended February 15, 2019.

Registration periods for subsequent CDDA tests will be announced.

Prep Class Schedule

Today’s announced CDDA preparatory course educatesparticipants about key aspects of due diligence and provides a direct path to obtaining the CDDA designation.   Classes will beavailable live once per year and online/on-demand so participants can revisit lessons and proceed at an individual pace. The live classes are limited to 15 attendees. Classes run January 25 through March 31, 2019.  Topics:

Open-end/Liquid Funds Operational Due Diligence, covering: Hedge Funds, 40 Act Funds, UCITS, Insurance-linked
Closed-end/Illiquid Funds Operational Due Diligence, covering: PE, VC, RE, Private Debt & Credit, Real Assets, Infrastructure
Open-end/Liquid Funds Investment Due Diligence, covering: Hedge Funds, 40 Act Funds, UCITS, Insurance-linked
Closed-end/Illiquid Funds Investment Due Diligence, covering: PE, VC, RE, Private Debt & Credit, Real Assets, Infrastructure

Full details including access to a 4-class package, taking individual courses, time, and cost here.

The CDDA Program

Under development by the IMDDA for more than two years, the CDDA designation denotes a superior level of understanding of international due diligence practices and principles. Obtaining the CDDA distinguishes professionals as having achieved extensive background and experience in due diligence and possessing the skills to understand business, operational, accounting, financial and investment risks. The CDDA will be the recognized standard in Operational and Investment Due Diligence around the globe.

The CDDA program is designed to:

• establish the body of knowledge for due diligence professionals

• assess the level of knowledge demonstrated by due diligence professionals in a valid and reliable manner

• encourage professional growth in the field of due diligence

• formally recognize individuals who meet the requirements set by the CDDA Commission

• serve the public by encouraging quality due diligence services

About Due Diligence and the IMDDA

Due diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment to confirm facts, such as reviewing financial records, trading / investment strategies, operations, compliance and adherence to regulation. Due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or financial transaction with another party.

Operational Due Diligence (ODD) gathers, analyzes and (to a degree) verifies information relating to operational risks.  Investment Due Diligence (IDD) is typically carried out by potential investors to consider investment functions.

Founded in 2015, the Investment Management Due Diligence Association® (IMDDA) is the only international investor-centric organization dedicated exclusively to due diligence professionals.  The IMDDA’s mission is to work with the investment management community to set the standards for due diligence globally. Through its professionals-only membership, seminars, web site, customized educational training and the due diligence certification program, the IMDDA provides a forum for interaction among peers to share ideas and learn from each other while developing extensive curriculum and standards for due diligence professionals.


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