Convergence and IMDDA Announce Web-Based Portal to Monitor and Track Manager Event Risk

Posted by Daniel Strachman on Oct 15, 2019 3:12:49 PM

Convergence and the Investment Management Due Diligence Association announce the immediate availability of E-RISK and I-RISK, a web-based analytical and reporting tool that gives users the ability to download reports and conduct comparative analysis of Asset Managers that have been cited for infractions in SEC enforcement actions.  E-RISK  allows anyone to download analytical reports detailing the Convergence’s view on what high risk business conditions led to the infraction while I-RISK allows IMDDA members to compare and contrast similar risk conditions in their Managers to those who have been cited by the SEC.

“E-RISK gives you insights into high risk business conditions at SEC Registered Managers that have been the subject of enforcement actions by the Commission and a view into the number of Managers with similar risks in the market,” said John Phinney, Founder of Convergence. “ Our I-RISK  tool gives IMDDA members a web-based analytical tool that allows them to compare these high-risk business conditions to the Managers in their portfolios.”

“Working with Convergence to offer the  E-RISK and I-RISK tools is yet another example of the IMDDA’s commitment to bringing insightful and actionable information to global due diligence professionals,” said Andrew Borowiec, Executive Director of the IMDDA. “These are great tools for due diligence professionals to use to evaluate and make better decisions about the investments and potential investments in their portfolios.

 Investor Benefits

“IDD, ODD and Risk Management teams at several Pension plans and Fund of Funds have already adopted “I-RISK” platform to supplement their pre-and-post operational due diligence efforts,” said George Evans, Founder of Convergence. “These teams are using our data to identify red-flags that can emerge during and after due diligence process.”

“I-RISK gives us timely insights into various non-investment risks that supplement our traditional operational due diligence process, said the CIO of an $80bn State Pension plan.


E-RISK and I-RISK is accessible immediately via the website URL.

About Convergence and the IMDDA

Convergence, founded in 2013, is the leading provider of data-driven “insights” to the asset management industry. The company offers products and services designed to increase revenue, improve efficiency and identify and manage non-investment risks in asset managers and service providers. The company was first to offer relevant and timely insights into many of the business challenges facing today’s network of asset managers, investors and service providers.

Founded in 2015, the Investment Management Due Diligence Association® (IMDDA) is the only international investor-centric organization dedicated exclusively to due diligence professionals.  The IMDDA’s mission is to work with the investment management community to set the standards for due diligence globally. Through its professionals-only membership, seminars, web site, customized educational training and Chartered Due Diligence Analyst (CDDA) certification program, the IMDDA provides a forum for interaction among peers to share ideas and learn from each other while developing extensive curriculum and standards for due diligence professionals.

E-RISK and I-RISK are trademarks of Convergence.

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