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2017 was the year when most people would agree crypto assets officially became their own asset class, with the market skyrocketing from $15 billion in January to over $600 billion by the time the year finished. In 2018, we saw further developments across the DLT space that hint at the directions that this asset class might evolve into.

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Security of the fund’s assets is one of the biggest concerns of any investor and nowhere is this more pressing than in the primarily unregulated and anonymous world of cryptocurrencies. Anyone, anywhere can steal digital assets with untold sums from you if they get access to your digital wallet.

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It’s a well known fact that the adoption of third party fund administrators has been substantially slower in private equity than elsewhere. Other sectors have made it the norm, whereas it has still been a comparative rarity here until very recent times. So how significant is the difference between categories of financial institution? How are they changing? And what does that mean for due diligence professionals? We take a look at where this trend sits right now.

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