In September 2017, the law changed in the Cayman Islands, requiring all financial bodies (including funds) to appoint an anti-money laundering compliance officer (AMLCO) and banks, funds and other financial bodies were given a year in which to seek out and appoint an appropriate person. 

In this article, we provide a quick reference checklist to reassure you that you have made or received the correct appointment, or alternatively guide you to making a better selection in future.

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Risk Vs. Cost: How Hedge Fund Managers Can Engage The Right Mix Of Internal, Outside And Shadow Administration by New York Hedge Fund Roundtable

Risk vs. cost

Hedge funds are back. Total assets under management (AUM) have strongly recovered and are already higher than they were in 2007. In addition, many new funds are launching, particularly smaller managers with AUM of under $100 million. At the same time, managers are feeling...

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Comprehensive Standalone Solution Helps Asset Managers Ease Costs and Risks While Reducing Hurdles to Global Expansion

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